The Newport Academy faculty and staff are caring professionals dedicated to insuring the success of each student. Our faculty works closely with parents to develop individualized education plans for each student. Our multidisciplinary team consists of licensed special educators, paraprofessionals, experienced administrators, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologists, an Art Therapist, Nationally Certified Recreation Therapists, and Behavioral Support Specialists.

Staff Name Position Phone Ext. Email
Harvey, Shante Coordinator 874-4444 5507 shante.harvey@nhrec.org
Grant, Angel Coordinator   5552 angel.grant@nhrec.org
Wood, Kelley Director   5506 kelley.wood@nhrec.org
McKee, Vernisha Teacher    5523 vernisha.mckee@nhrec.org
Amos, Shannon Teacher    5522 shannon.amos@nhrec.org
Mowry, Abigail Teacher    5530 abigail.mowry@nhrec.org
Hysick, Yvonne Teacher    5582 yvonne.hysick@nhrec.org
Day, Bill Teacher    5517 bill.day@nhrec.org
Slade, Amanda Teacher    5527 amanda.slade@nhrec.org
Griffin, Adrian Teacher    5511 adrian.griffin@nhrec.org
Gass, Desirae Teacher    5529 desirae.gass@nhrec.org
Cook, Ashley Teacher   5520 ashley.cook@nhrec.org
Miller, Shirley Teacher Specialist   5524 shirley.miller@nhrec.org
Bowditch, Lisa Teacher   5556 lisa.bowditch@nhrec.org
Wheaton, Shannon Teacher    5564 shannon.wheaton@nhrec.org
Parks, Alice Teacher Specialist   5561 alice.parks@nhrec.org
Marshall, Emily Teacher   5528 emily.marshall@nhrec.org
Williams, Kristina Teacher Specialist    5555 kristina.williams@nhrec.org
Young, Wilfred Teacher    5571 will.young@nhrec.org
Harrell, Lisa School Psychologist   5532 lisa.harrell@nhrec.org
Earehart, Kassidy Recreation Therapist   5544 kassidy.earehart@nhrec.org
Moses, Mary Lil Recreation Therapist   5544 marylil.moses@nhrec.org
Myers, Marcus Behavior Specialist   5581 marcus.myers@nhrec.org
Schmitt, Robin Nurse   5535 robin.schmitt@nhrec.org
Stewart, Amy Reading Specialist   5583 amy.stewart@nhrec.org
Underwood, Johnnie Behavior  Specialist   5578 johnnie.underwood@nhrec.org
Urban, Danis Behavior Specialist    5548 danis.urban@nhrec.org