The Science & Technology Advisory Council meets four times a year; informing the director of any concerns they may have on issues that pertain to the focus and direction of the school. The Council is made up of members from various science/mathematics/technology backgrounds from higher education institutions, companies, and organizations. In addition, school gifted and talented coordinators from each of the participating school divisions serve on this council.

The Parent Advisory Council provides an opportunity for parents to communicate any concerns and/or comments regarding the school program. The Council meets periodically throughout the year. Additional insights are solicited from parents that help with the communication between home school divisions and the Governor’s School. Parents from the Council also serve as representatives of the school at various functions hosted by the Governor’s School and their child’s home school.

Tidewater Science Congress, Inc. and Tidewater Science Fair
Tidewater Science Fair Website
Since 1950, the regional Tidewater Science Fair has encouraged students from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach to become involved in and excited about learning the processes of scientific research and the technical writing skills needed to clearly and effectively communicate the results of their experiments.  Students have an opportunity to exhibit and discuss their science projects with over 175 judges and evaluators from academia and industry.  They earn public recognition and approval for their interest in science and an opportunity to advance to state-wide and national science fairs. It is our sincere hope that the middle school and high school students who participate in the Science Fair will develop a passion and interest in science and technology that will inspire and encourage them to study the “hard subjects” that will prepare for careers as leaders of the workforce of the future. The Tidewater Science Congress , Inc. is the sponsoring organization that raises funds to support the Tidewater Science Fair and organizes the event.  The Tidewater Science Congress is registered with the Internal Revenue Service as 501(c)(3) organization and all contributions are fully tax deductible. 

If you are interested in representing your company/business/organization on one of the Councils listed above, please contact Mrs. Vikki Wismer,