Frequently Asked Questions

Question – Governance: Is New Horizons a public or private facility?
Answer: New Horizon is a public facility owned and operated by the six peninsula school divisions

Question – Application: What is required to enroll at New Horizons?
Answer: Applications can be obtained and submitted to your high school counselor for the Career and Technical Education Centers and Governor’s School for Science and Technology. The Center for Autism and Newport Academy accept referrals from the divisional special education directors as part of the IEP process. Adults programs have an application process as well.

Question – All Day or Half-Day Program: Are the programs for public school students full or half-day programs?
Answer: Students enrolled in the Career and Technical Education Centers and Governor’s School for Science and Technology attend for either the a.m. or p.m. half-day session depending on the school division and attend classes at their based school the remainder of the time. Students in the Center for Autism and Newport Academy participate in the full day program.

Question – Transportation: Is transportation provided to and from the student’s base school?
Answer: Transportation is provided by the school divisions for all New Horizons programs.

Question – Private School and Home School Students: Can these students enroll in New Horizons Programs?
Answer: Participation of private and home school students at New Horizons is decided by each school division based upon their policy related to private and home school student participation in divisional courses and activities. Private and Home school students can be a member of the New Horizons Robotics Team which is a NASA sponsored team.

Question – Financial Aid: Is there a cost for public school programs and is there financial aid for adult education classes?
Answer: All New Horizons Centers serving public school students do so at no cost to parents, except for lab fees for certain CTE courses. The Center for Apprenticeship and Adult Training does not offer financial aid. The Center will invoice businesses agreeing to pay for training; as well as receive cash, money order and credit card from the general public. We can also provide information regarding area programs and agencies that offer funding or loans.