The Center for Autism faculty and staff are caring professionals dedicated to insuring the success of each student. Our faculty works closely with parents to develop individualized education plans for each student. Our multidisciplinary team consists of licensed special educators, paraprofessionals, experienced administrators, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Speech-Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Nationally Certified  Adapted  Physical Education Teacher (2005 Virginia Adapted PE Teacher of the Year), Nationally Certified Recreation Therapists, and Behavioral Support Specialists.

Staff Name Position Campus Phone Ext. Email
Wood, Kelley Director of Special Education All Campuses   5506 kelley.wood@nhrec.org
Rozakis, Samantha Coordinator Kiln Creek/ Yorktown Middle 369-2581 2202 samantha.rozakis@nhrec.org
Strickland, Julie Teacher Specialist Kiln Creek   2205 julie.strickland@nhrec.org
Lawson, Amanda Behavior Specialist Kiln Creek   2203 amanda.lawson@nhrec.org
Alworth, Chrissy Adaptive P.E. Kiln Creek/Yorktown Middle   2212 chrissy.alworth@nhrec.org
Banks, Alicia Teacher Kiln Creek   2207 alicia.banks@nhrec.org
Agee, Christina Teacher Kiln Creek   2210 christina.agee@nhrec.org
Houston, Tracey Teacher Kiln Creek   2209 tracey.houston@nhrec.org
Rhames, Niyoka Teacher Kiln Creek   2208 niyoka.rhames@nhrec.org
Lawson, Amanda Teacher Kiln Creek   2206 amanda.lawson@nhrec.org
Michalak, Clarissa Teacher Kiln Creek   2211 clarissa.michalak@nhrec.org
Troup, Laura Teacher Specialist Yorktown Middle   4401 laura.troup@nhrec.org
Cherry, Kelly Behavior Specialist Yorktown Middle   4405 kelly.cherry@nhrec.org
Bryant, Clarissa Teacher Yorktown Middle   4408 clarissa.bryant@nhrec.org
Copeland, Sarah Teacher Yorktown Middle   4404 sarah.copeland@nhrec.org
Davis, Jaime Teacher Yorktown Middle   4403 jaime.davis@nhrec.org
Foxx, Lorraine Teacher Yorktown Middle   4409 lorraine.foxx@nhrec.org
Stout, Jennifer Teacher Yorktown Middle   4402 jennifer.stout@nhrec.org
Grant, Angel Coordinator Woodside Lane 874-4444 5552 angel.grant@nhrec.org
Russell, Larisa Teacher Specialist Woodside Lane   5566 larisa.russell@nhrec.org
Underwood, Johnnie Behavior Specialist Woodside Lane   5578 johnnie.underwood@nhrec.org
Brown, Keri Teacher Woodside Lane   5569 keri.brown@nhrec.org
Cummings, Jennifer Teacher Woodside Lane   5563 jennifer.cummings@nhrec.org
Gibbens, Janice Teacher Woodside Lane   5562 janice.gibbens@nhrec.org
Arnold, Emily Teacher Woodside Lane   5567 emily.arnold@nhrec.org
Hawn, Brittany Teacher Woodside Lane   5572 brittany.hawn@nhrec.org
Knight, Erica Teacher Woodside Lane   5570 erica.knight@nhrec.org
Spivey, Pam Teacher Woodside Lane   5501 pam.spivey@nhrec.org
Williams, Tracey Teacher Woodside Lane   5547 tracey.williams@nhrec.org
Clark, Melissa Speech Therapist All campuses   2213 melissa.clark@nhrec.org
Melton, Melonie Speech Therapist All campuses   2213 melonie.melton@nhrec.org
Patton, Heather Speech Therapist All campuses   2213 heather.patton@nhrec.org
Scott, Jennifer Speech Therapist All campuses   2213 jennifer.scott@nhrec.org
Murphy, Pam School Psychologist All campuses   2203 pamela.murphy@nhrec.org
Herndon, Julie Occupational Therapist All campuses   5539 julie.herndon@nhrec.org