Contact Us

Contact information for the Career and Technical Education Center is as follows:

Virginia Price
ph: 757-766-1100 ext.9-3307
fax: 757-224-5420
AYES-HRPWA Coordinator, Career Mentorship Specialist:
Debbie McHugh
ph: 757-766-1100 ext 9-3364
fax: 757-766-3591

Program matters, dual enrollment issues, arranging tours/visits and scheduling presentations: Contact - Dewey Ray

Butler Farm Campus (Hampton)
Dewey Ray
ph: 757-766-1100 ext.9-3306
fax: 757-766-3591
Butler Farm Campus (Hampton):
Dr. Melissa Bryant
Assistant Principal
ph: 757-766-1100 ext 9-3305
fax: 757-766-3591
Woodside Lane Campus (Newport News)
Bruce Schaffer
ph: 757-874-4444 ext. 9-5505
fax: 757-872-8951